Harry Connick, Jr.

"Dear Lance... INCREDIBLE JOB!!! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your hard work… that piano, as you can imagine, means the world to me… to see it in such pristine shape fills my heart with joy… Thanks to you and your team for an incredible effort."

Jane Smisor Bastien

"It was such a pleasure to present a workshop at Lafargue Pianos in August. You and Brenda are doing a fabulous job for the New Orleans music teachers and I know they do appreciate your help and enthusiasm. I love it that your store is so customer friendly and organized. It is indeed a wonderful gift to the city. Congratulations! I truly appreciate your expertise as a technician as well. After you worked on my pianos during Christmas vacation, they sounded better than ever. Thank you so much for “going the extra mile” and making them sound amazing. With your incredible work ethic I know you will be a success and I wish you the very best!”

Teacher & Author/Creator of the Bastien Teaching Materials

Dr. Robin H. Williams, Professor of Music

"I first met Lance around 1991 and with each passing year, my respect for him as a person and as a piano technician has increased. He treats his craft with the same lifelong commitment an artist gives to their art. Lance pays attention to details such as voicing and balance, and brings out the best in every instrument. Yet still he challenges himself to improve even more, and always works with the utmost professionalism. He is one of the most dedicated technicians I know and he does wonders with every piano he services. He is the only piano technician I use to work on pianos for my concerts and recordings. His wife, Brenda is equally kind, honest, and a person of the utmost integrity. We are very fortunate that they have opened music stores in our area."

Chair, Department of Music
University of New Orleans

Dr. Robert McBain

"Lafargue Pianos is an asset to our music program here at St. Timothy’s. Lance and his technicians are readily available for necessary maintenance as well as consultations on any of our pianos at the church. From the grand piano used for worship each week to the uprights used for children’s choirs, all are maintained with the same standard of excellence and attention to detail."

Minister of Music
St. Timothy on the Northshore United Methodist Church
Mandeville, LA

C. McCool

"A true artist! Lance Lafargue not only possesses superb technical skill with the mechanics of an instrument, but an ear of impressive precision which demands the perfect tone. Combine those qualities with a true gentleman, and that’s my piano technician."

Fredrick Sanders, Music Director

"I would like to share some heart felt moments about your company. Over the last 5 or 6 years that I have known you, you and your team have given so much to our community. Excellence is what comes to mind when I think of Lafargue Piano, Ltd. The quality of service from your staff, and the products you provide gives me the professional edge that I need. I am excited about the direction our music community is going. Thank you for sharing your talents with us here at Church Of The King."

Andrew Pressley

"Lance and his team have been incredibly helpful to our church. From helpful selection advice to excellent pricing to top-quality maintenance, we’ve been treated with great care and personal interest. Ours is a small congregation, but we couldn’t ask for more if we were the wealthiest church in town. I highly recommend Lafargue Pianos."

Worship Pastor
First Baptist Church, Lacombe

Ronnie Kole, Pianist

"Yamaha’s pianos which are my very favorite, and in fact for my Carnegie Hall Concert and recording at Carnegie Hall, all they had was a Steinway Concert Grand…So, I contacted Yamaha in NYC and had them bring in a Yamaha Concert Grand…and I’m not even a Yamaha Artist. Yes, they are the greatest, as are you.” “You have a wonderful setup in your new Metairie location which is fantastic…What a great selection you have, and all priced VERY well…A real winner to say the least."

Lisa Bastien Hanss

"I have known Lance Lafargue for twenty years and his work as a piano technician is superb. Lance takes the time not only to tune a piano, but also to voice, balance, and bring out the full potential of the instrument. New Orleans is fortunate to have Lafargue Pianos, a full service piano store, with wonderful owners, Brenda and Lance Lafargue, who stand behind their products and work."

Teacher & Co-Author of the Bastien Teaching Materials

Ellen Sovkoplas

"Lance and his team have been indispensable to our department. With almost 50 pianos in our studios, practice rooms and recital halls, we require almost constant attention. The Lafargue staff not only perform regular tunings and maintenance, but they have taught me how to take better care of our instruments and they have responded to several ‘emergency tuning’ requests in a timely manner that shows respect for our performers and patrons."

Technical Director
Southeastern Louisiana University
Department of Music & Dramatic Arts

Chuck Schiller

"Lance Lafargue and his associates have always welcomed me warmly to their store, answered all the questions I had about their various pianos, and let me ‘try them out’ to my heart’s content. I was especially pleased that their warmth and interest in me as a customer has continued after I purchased my Yamaha piano from them. Their follow-up support has been superb. I have recommended Lafargue to many of my friends, and several of them have also purchased their pianos there. I feel like one of the Lafargue’s friends."

Shirley Herstein, Piano Teacher

"I have found dealing with Lafargue Pianos a great experience and am so glad they’re here in Metairie."

Seni Igrec, NCMT

"Brenda and Lance are very generous and kind people. They are supporting the musical arts in our community in countless ways. For several years in a row I held my studio recitals at Lafargue Pianos. Not only did Brenda and Lance make sure to set up the store for the recital, they also showed their support by being there for the recital itself. When several teachers told Brenda that they really needed the Federation music, she immediately ordered it and made it available for them. This is really remarkable because Brenda and Lance were just starting the sheet music department at Lafargue Pianos. And our local music teacher organization is very thankful for holding countless meetings at Lafargue Pianos. Thank you Brenda and Lance!"

Leslie Domingues, Northlake Academy of Music

"Lafargue Music has been a wonderful asset to my company for the last several years on the Northshore. My Academy has used Lafargue for tuning and books sales. The service and professionalism is always outstanding. I will continue to trust Lance Lafargue and his staff throughout my career as an instructor and as an educator."

Celia Bezou, Singer and Voice Instructor

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Lance Lafargue for anything concerning the piano. He has been my piano technician for many years and replaced the entire action in and completely restrung my 7ft. Steinway after it was damaged in Hurricane Katrina. His attention to detail, as well as the knowledgeable and professional manner with which he addresses concerns make him the best in his field and my technician for many years to come. I recommend him without reservation for anything from a small tuning to a complete restoration."