Too often, adults wish their parents had never let them quit music lessons when they were children, or they think it’s too late to pick up a new instrument and learn how to play it. While most people enjoy listening to music, many don’t feel able or comfortable to step out of the spectator role and become a player. We believe that it’s never to too late to learn to play a musical instrument , and that’s why we’re launching Let’s Play NOLA!to inspire people to play!


There are countless benefits of music and music education, especially in child development. Playing music improves memory and cognitive ability by stimulating different patterns of brain development. Music also teaches youth self-discipline and patience while simultaneously encouraging self-expression. Of course, the benefits of music doesn’t only apply to children, Learning to play an instrument teaches anyone to think more creatively. It’s an education that focuses on “doing” as opposed to observing, so students are conditioned to take a more active role in their training. Science supports our claims – everyone benefits immensely from playing music. From young children and their education and brain development to the elderly with age-related concerns, all are beneficiaries of the most powerful tool known – the joy of music! The point of LAFARGUE PIANOS’ Let’s Play NOLA! initiative is to inspire people to play music, and if even one person ends up moved to the point of picking up a new instrument, or one child’s exposure to a piano sparks a desire for music lessons, this project will be considered a success.